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For research studies that need PII*,

but don't want it.

* Personally identifiable information

ERAS IDProtect prepares and deidentifies research data

in order to set-up a data security wall

between organizations sharing data and researchers analyzing that data

to protect the identities of research study subjects.

The ERAS IDProtect data security wall benefits:


  • Organizations sharing data with PII by allowing them to share the data in a way that complies with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

  • Researchers by allowing them to receive data with the PII removed, facilitating Institutional Review Board (IRB) Human Subjects protocol approval

  • Study subjects by protecting their privacy and confidentiality

How can ERAS IDProtect help you?

How can ERAS's data preparation and de-identification services benefit your research study?


One example is a research study that needs to have data from two different sources merged together using PII like subjects' names and birthdates. The two different organizations providing data can send data to ERAS to merge and de-identify. ERAS would then send the de-identified data set to the researchers.


Another example is a research study involving a randomized control trial (RCT) experiment. The organization providing the treatment would send data including PII to ERAS to randomly assign subjects to treatment and control groups based on parameters defined by the researchers. ERAS would then notify the organization of which students should receive the treatment. ERAS would also flag which subjects are in the treatment and control groups in the data set, remove all PII, and send the de-identified data set to the researchers.

In both these examples, PII is necessary for the research study to be successful.

However, with the help of ERAS IDProtect, the researchers never have access to data containing PII.

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